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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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'rtheysoe alri teaneng oth anoer apart. >> t jus tbeenngellis. lie >> why do you lie? >> liar, liar, liar. mi nslliour endeced rcoord ld mp teureratvees oe r th valentine's weekend, butor me or strems ast in foore e r thweek d.ahea >> us> pl k, is wanye$5est 3 million in persol nabtde? a monster weekend at the box office for the latest superhero. and what happens when you stick? "early today" starts right now. > >> mgoodngorni. stthe aakesigre hteh afe r th h deatupof s creme jourtceusti an n toniiascala in ofwar ds wor er ov s whod houlnanomiiste h pl reenacems t haadalreacy rehed pothe ofint us a j sticea cali di t,ssens thiusas j tice s hilyfamivi in iargine latlast es prt idena obam hsayslle wi mi no anate j newceusti, th al, ougharso fre theno is me tie tablanfor ou annenncemt. eacoll dgues ton't ihinkout shld h beo is t amakel.t al
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do i trn't baust orack obaman e thinappotment of supreme court justesic. t'>> ills caeled ddeay, lay, de b>> iveelie p thederesint ou shotld ne movarforwndd, a i th think e at wt oughetto l the ne rext pntsideth of ite uned st satesd houldedeci. se inateres ag weingwhith at i edcall, for wthatoue shotld n lo allaw a ucme desk prt idento co inurt w theg aninhsmont of hi ess prcyiden. t >> ohoseonpinives han beemet wi arth horsh wn ds ootthe her osidee f the aislilby h lary toclinn. >> is it ra outs geou that pu reanblic ts inenhe sanate d on cathe gnmpaiil trae havadalrey ed pltoged ck blo r anyceeplament pthatderesibant oomma nesinat. th arere 0 e 34 udays tntilhe xt nesi pre tdent oakese,ffic so th s at ityplenti of me. >> 's nbcci tratte poins jo s us frnow asom wtohing hn touselp rt soal it t.l ou
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od goni morng. kethe rey hehu tstnderorm -- is e thncbalaef othe t.cour acrepling alscia meanshe ty d coulbeki loong at at tilf o cothe wurtith salever cases st ill ciunde ded. we areea alrdy seeing possible idcandatesti menoned to reeplac ju e sticiascal. >> weon d'tav hoe t comnfirim h d anwe n'wot. >> the court isth in ide mdlef o s it wtermithor me cases taro he deand cideit whout crvonseeativ sc aliaey k casesld cou e ondn a e. ti e>> wil wl see liundmite ab onorti on madehrnd touought
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>> we need aon catservive rs peon. >> or rep dter:raemoctsns iist e thtrcounhoy suld notav he to wa it forrl neay a arye. e>> w haave esprt.iden w heas ecel ted. hheas the right to natomine an r otheprsue emcourt justice. i >> don'ts thican the pcubli ll wi lookel timyn oub repnlica ti acons to try toar thwhat wt he is sseuppod toe bbl ae to do. >>he trean is ad out from ted cruzea hding in s couthinarola ewher heue arg tshat dd onal ptrum ifct eleed sdhoul note b al dloweo tec sel tthet nex su e premtcour jue.stic ayhe ss p'trum rsdecors ioo t ralibel. >> nk thas for that daupte. we thll, arere lye one fiv ldaystoeft s the couthinarola pu reanblicma pri, riesthand e el fi dd istoown t jussix ca atndidbues, tut sa nrday'sight tedeba t wasoshe mnot ve tmouso te dad , ane ther pwerey lentof fi ightsthn boli engndsh a an spish. nb w'c nebes gaie gut hrrezas mo re.
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e thstmoon cntteusio gop debate so far. >> he ty lied. >> he's just been telling lies. l>>r,iar, liar. lia r >>teeporher: td worr""lia or me soia var wtionusere t ed a le 22ast es tim o, 13osf th e by t-fronerrunnal donumd trndp, a t ye-- >> id i dcan't nyll a abodyr. lia i idsaay m -be- w >> yell,alou cteled uzd cr a li ar. r >>teepor- r: -p trummeslamd by b je obushfover n reigcypoli and w hoigto fsiht i ss in. yria t >> ibsis aelolutdiy lus crouto essuggatt thsi rusula cod be a positi pvetnar ierthn is. j >>s eb iso wrong. >> le whial donumd trs p wa hebrots r wadibuil sng aitecury apparatus ktouseep e. sav he>> tld worde trate cenmer ca wn doin durs g hihebrotrer's ign, re ermembt. tha >> 't donaf go myter he motr. h>>d ol.on ep>> rr:orteco mario rubyi, trng to eb rndouft a her list as de , bate tcamesho buef's d, ense to blday g amin o9/11lln bi in cls ton'sidecioton nta to ke >> t' thaats whow alll ed aa qaed roto gd w aninconto ue tpeprosr d an00by 2 h1 tothave e pa catybilist to arikecameri. r >>teeporutr: b f thedalori tosenaasr clwihed edth tz cru
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swithetomhing rubio had said in spa h anisualangntge iewervi. ir>> ff st o iall,'t donw kno hehow ws knot whaidi sa on un ioiviscan beheuse sn doe't sp speak h.anis sand,d econllof ae , thr othe t poin ithatld woue mak-- ea[ sp skingshpani ] ep>> rr:ortez cru palsoedounc t on frumphaor w ct hed allethe bi nallioe'irs past liberal potisi ons. y >>e ou'rsithe bnglestigge ar li. reyou'ba prowobly thrse eban j sh bu. you are the silengge bigiast lr. d >>d onalthhas eiis wrd pa n.tter wh ouen ynt poihi to n s ow record, he screams liar, liar, ar li. r >>teeportrr: sg ikina ff dit eren, tone kjohnh.asic i >>go've tt toyoell u. th s is i cjust, razyhuh? is thju is utst ns. ge ohez, n., ma >> t thanbwas gac's utbe gezierr rtrepo ing. > >>asa bl bt ofr itte cold ar actics ir igibrinecng rord telow atmper turese o th no asrther t focoa setrnd st aigh day. whmeana ile erwintrm stot' thas en besi cau tng al rave fmessor esmidwertern hs isd eade. east s nbc'scdan mehenas n ha.more r>>orepr:tet is wasna y ow
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et whither t wasauhe cf se oa ge hue- pilhaup tutt shn dowa jo marer stoftch hw higeaay nr di inolanapatis, st lea ten lepeope wern takeosto hlspita th wiur injies. w >>owe knt thauaa sqamll ce ro thheugh ndre aib visy ilitwas al zmost aero,t nd i tjustd urne t -- i tjustd urneveicy ry qu y.ickl it is what it is. dwel ea iwitht. bu 3t inar2 yehis, t s is abprobonly te oforhe wst cr heasths iate 'verevee s n. r>>orepr:tet is wae thldcoest levainnts e'y da ronorecind he t rtnoashe at, fndgirid te ermpurat cesseauprd leoborms f fifirersghten iw nejersey. in ew nor y tk, ihe acy airoslmt arsc oed affou tstriro fm nd loon. w>>goe oft thf ple e an eryest aday, nnd iy earlbaran ck to in a thertirpo. ve i'er nevwn knod col tlikehat ev er. r >>teeporher: ts re i ngoodews. fo strecaprers t edicrma waup later in the week. da hen scn,name n nbc ews. > >>menbc olteort ogiselrafa ndmirasa ha more on the emextres t inashe et andhe t west.
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>>he tol cds iin fallyac bking f ofonhe tt easst coa and nowe w have aernothto srmin movg in. t' leals deh witthe westre whe we e hav had athe. t jeamstreth to ore nndth aha tt an mespe temreratus more rispng. cayou sneean sgo dieth in e 80s ba ckn dow to mid 70sy b dn wey.esda ph xoeni near 90eg drees by dn wey.esda i 86n v lasegasoy enjing nice ol poth weaer e.ther te atmper 7ures0s to 80 s. se e attltonot obad. te atmper iurese n th50 s. th iss i ourte winr s otormut ea st. wa tch out for sfiignicantve tral de . lays rewe a dngealih wit snow,ce i and rain. hisunsne in phx.oeni os87 lel anges y.toda wa outch ort f aew f srshowe in e th rtnot.hwes foror tomrowt i ntcos.inue 88 in phx.oeni 75 in sananfro.cisc fe a otw sphoty swersn itt sea le thand at snowns tur to inra.
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th aat'sk loo atou yr nnaatiol caforest. no rew hea is se clor lookt a yo ayur d eaah d. > >>d aneth hteaon cnutiesea nr 90ay todn im pal ngspri. ts lo ofun seshin t forhe hwsout est. inheadtog inor nstthwe aou cple of we shors are ibpossle. ertempesaturth in e0 5 s. rt nohen bd 63 desegrend uer lymostud cloy s.skie re aallyal te ofwo tr o three onseaslls ath at seame . time >> fthrom ase eoat cst nidefitelydl buneup . > >> fpopeisrancit visneed o of th ore pociest itiesxin meco ci ty. he ac prehihed sss meofage liequandty ae hoporto mane th 0, 30at000 intendssg ma. ad tding sherednhoul't be ad nee toou mrn tseho derostdyet aeth ha snd othf e deeralofs ea d. th c'nbans tnemphon sos haremo. >> ep rteor pr:e opanfrs cintwe to c thenoity outorir s fo ve poy rtd ancrime. an frrocis hrde t toughhe gr tiaffier covtred s geets aiven ovmakey er bincrimmoals re ap ripropfoate e r thsioccaon,
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wofs,ayve easn g affraiti artist. asit h o onee f theshighrdt muer d anppdisancearatee ra s in comexi. 's ith sucnga das eroue placthis wo teman mells ay todas's m s is ofone r thetiare shmes n e ca inbrheg chr dril teno a public event. tmore30han 0 0,00lepeople fild e thy dustdsfielhe to hear t pe pon warheof tpt temnsatio of we , althtyvanid , ane,prid ca nn bealo di woguethith e vi del. ur yol evifecan ikar ldae a ily itrealy. anfrs ci aisinskthg e esoppe, le ma onythf pemr ood anwepoesrls to oi jthn fre t onneliofs making mexico a land of oprtpoituny. fo a r memo ont oneitf mos st da oungertis ciases wet a bter pl ace. neanho tsomp nn, nbcs,ewex mo.ic
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afromgi friw d neanengli d sk e slopr after thei ctramgoars t uc st fk 40abeet thove gre ound. look at this. uerescctrs ay ualltohad use ro pe to help the sdetranied skrs op prhrel t aoughch hatth in e tt bof om ocathe tr torohe gund ab 40out t fee tfromouhe mn.ntai un mo. tain kfthan nullyy obodinwas d.jure th sey aayre binaksig iss o t e blamitand ld coue takw a fe tdaysx o fiprthe m.oble ma 'srveles latvit moe sha shaedtter box oeffic s.rating d "dea" pool $earnll135 miion. that is twice what analysts expected. ead "dolpobe" had he en t estbigg opening ever for an r rated film. so al the forge bigebst fy ruar
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four-d waykeeend. whmeanhoile wo t bein sgle tedebu td in. hird e whilstben r'illechs mued hyp oo "zerlandto 2" n ok ia sa dintppoi16ed $il.7 m. lion an us accn atio wof aoman ch gokin by serpitzs thienweekd. > >>geand adt rer y foipa trle th wreatthith seree tepara ve cors. yo wu'reinatcharg "eodly tay." eb(basonall tvacin bunkgro d) hwith feartreailung, daser iwa aln ys orithe se. symp wtomsbeorsen yocause urt hearn'ismpt pug in.well at (wlier film)ng roo t abouerce50 pofnt e peopl(ddie himpog wg)erinwi 5 ythin oearsttf geaging did.nose bu e't thermeths so ingn you cado. ta o lk tocyour doutor abartt heil faeaure troptment s.tion us becamoe the ou kre y tnow,rehe moy .. hi(dog wg)mperin
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di blees?ng gum yo y u maitthink es's a rof ult hibrus hng tooard. it ot's n. it s's a eign ofguarly seasm die... st lie(r)erin h canveelp rerse... early gum disease in just two weeks. li erst.ine(r) po r we youtomor h ut! i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent, it couldn't kp upee. so wi i stotched po tide ds. e they'rr cosupetrncen.ated.. so i et g bet ar 20voted rodu16 pf ct oarthe ye. i ift t's goe clto b iean,got's e t to b.tide y todacayou en dothverying in t jusclone ick, ev eeen kurp yole toi t n cleafrand esh.
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cl itick in to oy enjan clesh freness ewith veryus flh. ly sol. st heart inalthg. ea ylih, c ck goi'm sing to a phare ohoto ef myffggo wahen le wopit ps tho in's ssttereneing hobey e i'causinm gohag to sre ota phy o of mafeggo w whflet en ip.pops u er(whisp'es) lmyggo o egg an gncr:n oldepycrisrm, wad anfyflufo egglewaffs. l'eg y go meggo. >> rm> foewer nk yorrngoveor ioelspt zeitisr cc aedusf o ch inoka g mawoatn he t la plaza n inorew ytyk ci. w larcenfot emencioffials have been sayinthg woe n maporeedrtly cu ter hri w asts bftereing ch edoknd a was tenako teth ho itsp aalerftal cngli. 911 luponngeavi h thetaospil the woman parealnt tlyn hedeboard a pl baane o ck tiaruss. c noesharge hav fbeen.iled oka sprsespeoron ftz spiaser h ld to n nbcthews isere tr no uth to a theatllegion.
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> >> eanloxpvesiev de ics wa fo undac att thedo theot btom of an avis rent a car in al erbuqu nque,exew mico ye dastery. >> a mechanic looked up d anw sa via den ce ovethe e.hicl at thha's we t thstinveorigat is lo g okinigat r nht, owerwhthe at ca car fmem rod ano whopdrd peit off. hi wasnngtota s pteeolic li betheve ey ptcaured the dobear nd baiter aftve surncillae er opnatio peolices arrted ri chnstian fra siwo on fr. iday "tssporus illedtrat"in havg ethreif dntfereov cersh wit e threerdiffent demols. amgrahl wil be f the pirstlus si mozed del to grace the swim suit cover.
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detailnes xt. hi . dad uhuh h. ye .sah.. aorry tbout hat. t nkhibo a iut t he tusre m ht ber ighe love d inown h the eart atwhyo do inu thk? i ande n ths stare abov t higled, ouad yld coun joi us, twe yhinkou'oire gng ikto lese thmbe nu ers. ng bria me erhighe lov ou i cisld rove ab e thnog inemsetos or wk.yo hurr ai sisllti thinning. you may have inacte ivllfoleics. acrevati ttem hethwiom w'senro inga eoa fm. th one olye ncdaa try tmeaent proven to regr nowaiew hp rs u48to ic% thker. vi reouve y-vr vaoma-vo.
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ja t?ne coh ug yif cou hanr ea.medo enn't ev a think it.bout to i ucinok mm ex d for mygmphleugh.y co w.butouhat ab?t mike orit wn ks ocohis o.ugh to h!coug w itn orks ocoughis o.h to mucinex dm relieves wet and dr yug co 1hs fors.2 hour
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> >> mthisnior ong"tn ayod t,"he renew sports erie istep n or ostepff. ait'sie ser ss ofl ocia riexpes menteeto s p howe eopl ul wospd reinond et an cahil di mmlea. today's focus, shoplifting. now to sports.
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obeste f n a farifavondte aob kfie shnied th wien toi ps nt ton nhehtig. an chd k ecisthut o. 29 po0 tsinom cnebifod alr ofl s hil-alarstpp araeaesncs a he vewas good-bye and thanks to the fa ns. the rest of the game was a scoring fest for the rest of the fans including tubs of alley-oops, three-pointers and those that hithe ttr 196-173. a nbmeresuays plth on ayursd. >> xt> nee , thtibeaugoful lf co s ursepeand bbble ph milkeiconlsta sedrtut b mi edss f ae-ivotfoir be dittpu th watldouav hthe struim hp u aiagt nsylta.or yltainor fd ishend17 uarer p to ck min'elso us 16. nder now to nascar's biggest
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500 will have 20-year-old chase elliotrat fcingthrom lle po. he's the son of two-time winner bill elliott and the youngest ivdrer to land a top spot. the race is ndsut ay a p1:00.m. ju hest awhad, llo with be e bi nng wiaters ig ton ght'sy ramm dsawar. 'l welll te youur odi prensctio. > >>, plusexget tecid. game of throne fans. we'll have aneak sea pfor k isth upco ngmin. seaso up next. i' otve g b to tope onyo of gur mom ame...ed inailt! th ksano mu ne you aled a bd anceeecoffca you ink n drugthrohehout t day. good girl. ca mc cf\esoffew a brethsmood. blen r foste a ta'sthatoo not tng strot ne, buwever ak. so c youoran sav s everyip knowing yoaru triae ma rche.suprem mo s mmy'nanot a onpkin hey. mc . caf\blavailae e wherbuyou gry s.ocerie ivwe gyoe liu reef omfr your cold & flu.
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no tyleoll clps d heevrelie your worst cold & flu to sympms... yo giu can mve the hieverytou'vng yt.e go lety nol ch iseck th, br out o.'swhat b that,im?rohe chi switgeed to icogoand ret mo. re smogsavinr on casu ine?ranc ah ye-fes bro asor,e.nd mor ke lirs rentean insurce. mo s re sav , brnicetoo-ta chip. at th a's not brll,ino-te. shake o hageictos mo rcyclervand uran instoce, o. , oh's athat m lotore. oh i yeah,ll a'm a bout, morebrteddy elosevt. ic geeco. expeat t grngsavis d a ane wholrelot mo. tai prikeselootc c cheaorni m ngfor fmyquenrehet tburarnbe uscayou e n'cabeatt ze hearoburt!rn heahhh tet t swe oasteorf victy! ilprecos. otce on pilleaorch mngni.
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>> no> tow some entertainment news. excitement is growing for nitot'sgh gmmyra arawdsnd a ic predtionshat tdr kenick rlama will be t hakingome ser ious rd ha. ware e th lrapper theeadsk pacwith nom 11ioinatns. ta orylwi s afthend tee w akendre balso they both heavev senin nomnsatio eca pie. >> l> atniast s ght'dsawar ev stryen fug broomht hlie a ttle ntvales ine'dayon hgorin the tr ioadit tn ofheis km.s ca ey thye pla td totahe sf rs o iemaggth smi l andrdeonao ca di.prio ey the wergh caut witht tha racame. a hewolso g n biakby thoing me be ctst aoror fol a r te inhe
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>>ry eveisone e. min t >>ishat l thet atese teasfrom sithe sexth oasonmef ga of th s.rone 's it i setacn bld k ane whitof th whose edo di. ot shres aue fgllin scupetila on wofseho d ieathxts ne. > >> mthis nonthilbc wr l aia iaspecatl thtu feathres e un reofion c theofast ie "frs.nd he ore tom cment ishe raclm fro ndfries. >> m oh,d.y go ithiscrs inleedib. 's ita so t greaeeto s. you >> c oh,, olinhioh, , , hi wow, .yeah . yeah ac>> r ihel,go've st to ay i n'haveent se s you tince90he 's. ah yeah, yeve, i'n bee.good i' eeve bodn goah, ye.
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>>t' thas a pyrett spotn o pe imatrson ion. he>> sai nled it. >> a yreouxc eitedut abohe t "g ofame on thrsees" ason em pr?iere i >> h'tavenai wtedch wating it ye t. i waitil unt its i all outnd a i wi inll batge i > >> ithisars "eodly t ay." notit'sui a fixit y de's moncisi to ke bmautealasty .
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f myneine lid s aninwrn kles iekone we. an lod the erngus i ite the better it works. rel tinorrconexio rfromoc. odmeth ms, notles.irac m i'ingo sg torehato a phomy of o wa egg wffle phen it.ops upth sat'sreo intehosting neyusbecagoe i'm sing to hare pha moto ofgo wy egeaffl i when ut popsp. sp(whi lers)o 'eggomy egg r:anncde golisn crwapy, anrm ufd flggfy effo wales. ml'eggo.y eggo >> ad> lething wse ne on nb s.cnew acom,si misle mi enstakenly s ct toinuba 4 201 behas eten rd urneheto t. u.s mtheykeistasenly t nt iheto tm a ino natnitraixeng ee.rcis
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osexpl, ives ou.s.iafficerls we co nencerbad culd woure sha the notech. logy >> om> fr n "e!" ews,e kany west mi$53 n llioebin dt. th ppe raoser pa ted risurp sing t tweealand enso medtionk mar erzuck.berg urhe sedpriss fan hwhenste poed t onerwittwr, i thite o is tyou, romy bs,therle whill sti $53 iomill pn innaersobtl de, fo edllowma by ucrk zerkerbg ve in$1sts li bilnton inyo kae we ist's.deas erzuck hbergotas npo res. nded >> "> inguthe anardia ," " long h.lunc" sp a h anisl civianservipt sks rk wo y for wearsutithoon anye ti no.cing ana spcoish fiurt woned rker uijoaqrcn ga30ia $ t,000wehis ek r foeccollg titnlaa saorry f a b joadhe hshn't upown i forn at le siast arx yes. ga wrciaisas drecoveend wh his oyemplrier to ed td awarwihim th lo a erng s mvice.edal > >>raaust alianriutho htiesave unannothced eiey sovzed 89er $0 mi n llioh wortiqof luid th meetamphe aminhein tnt coury's
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cfoursehine u mengesed ndls a ar ppt su iliesein thter attompt glsmug ie itn. ch e inesstartiwe ai iiweis in gaating iotentten afkir mang th tee ex oriorbef a crlinrtonce hhallanis cvas. in a hisnsrt iattallion ghhighlingtief reeug hs,use ed ov 1er004,li0 jafeetcktos mbsyizolthe e oso whowdrd ne in an em atto pt th reacpeeuro an sh . ores > >>,015 c00lehi pantiarpacis nt were in the war of the tomato. the event modeled after one in sp waain ons spd soreocby lal to tomaar hstves ero whovpredid ju y icmuamtini.on >> e > thofart in takseg a lfie o is nerlongt jushufor .mans senow ona lie s arjoining in on the fun. milo the sea lion gave visitors a front row seat to the underwater world after trainer mounted a camera on the end of a gopro pole.
4:28 am
be oien girng val. >> y ver.cute >> lookse lik n.fu u yo give anni amal ael s fie sticouk y areou bndo t get me sogthinha tcit ex. ting now it's time to look ahead. pr idest ena obam mwillwieet th le eradfrs tom aheocsstiia oonf so heutt asiaasnan ontiins ca rnlifoia. th l ey'lusdisccus se, ritye,trad cland e imatgechan. an tsalys t sayeehe m cting omes as u thest.s. upeps or effts. ksthan forch wat"eing arly y.toda" haha an>> dasa: las veg picolits. bothila hilr esli c antonader bo saerndmas sking htops oerever theee w tkendgryint ger youl^ga voe.t 'lwe tlllel wcr deatmocranic ctdidaedouch coming up. im>> kea: br okingnut ig. son danall wi not beoi dng that.
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